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Reduced Development / Maintenance Time
The L-DPM creates XML export routines based on your DTDs. These routines provide a standard way to generate XML content within your Caché / M applications.

The generated routines create the required tag structures, automatically populating attributes and element content with the data you define, using defaults where no value is specified. As a result, the developer is able to focus on the business logic and data access requirements of the application, dramatically increasing productivity and enabling deadlines to be met.

When the data requirements of an XML project change and DTDs are amended, the L-DPM ensures that software recoding is kept to a minimum. The developer need only define the new data access requirements and re-generate the export routine based upon the new DTD.

Fast and Easy To Use
The L-DPM ensures much of the programming burden is removed from the developer - XML syntax, document structure, tag sets, attribute and element content population, default values. Complex documents can be created in minutes without requiring any expertise in XML.

The intuitive GUI interface of the L-DPM means that importing and editing DTDs, generating export routines and managing project software become simple tasks.

Enhanced Application Quality
DTDs range from the simple to the complex. The more complicated they become, the more difficult it becomes to accurately replicate DTD logic within program code. The L-DPM eliminates this concern by accurately interpreting the document flow of even the most complex DTD.

The hard part is done for you, error-free. All that remains is for the developer to specify the data access requirements for attribute values and PCDATA-type element content.

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