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What's New

Lastic GUI

Grid enhancements
Text Wrapping

The override alignment parameter within the cell data can now also contain “W” to indicate that the text in the cell is to automatically wrap to fit the cell boundaries for multi-line rows.

Row Heights
Heights of individual rows can now be defined. If the “variablerowheight” parameter is... read more...

Lastic Document Writer

All measurements may now be given in decimal fractions of a millimetre – e.g. 1.0125 millimetres. This applies to all positioning and line thickness values.

Text Controls
These now may have multiple embedded font changes and CDATA sections as well as PCDATA. Text of the same font is presented... read more...

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We are a UK-based business and IT services provider, specialising in Caché and M (Mumps) technologies. Read more...

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