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What's New

Version: 6.1
Release Date: 30/01/2013

  • Grid enhancements
    Text Wrapping

    The override alignment parameter within the cell data can now also contain “W” to indicate that the text in the cell is to automatically wrap to fit the cell boundaries for multi-line rows.

  • Row Heights
    Heights of individual rows can now be defined. If the “variablerowheight” parameter is set to 1 then the value held at the row level in node 1 of the grid will be used to set the height of the row (In grid cell height parameter terms). If set to 2 (for example) then it will be 2X the cell height value (in pixels). If set to 0 (zero) then the row will be hidden. This enables grid row expansion and contraction by fully populating the grid and changing row heights of sub-section rows to zero/non-zero to simulate collapsing or expanding details.
    NB it is recommended that the grid is drawn without horizontal lines when using this facility.

  • Tab Control
    Highlighting Selected Tab
    This new facility is provided by an additional (optional) parameter to the tabs run-time construction and enables the current, active tab to be highlighted using the highlight code structure used by the grid control (i.e. the 2 digit HL code defining colour and style options).


Version: 5.1
Release Date: 01/05/2010

  • GUI Server
    This connection method has been upgraded and now supports Cache only. The control routine, released as lzsr3srv is now to be saved as lgserver.

  • Form Resizing Improvements
    If a form is to be resized only vertically or horizontally the "judder" previously encountered has been removed.

  • Combobox Case Translation
    Combo boxes may now define case translation to force upper or lower case.

  • Grid Enhancements
    An editable cell may now have an associated drop down combobox or an ellipsis button to invoke an action (including another form).

    An individual cell's position may now be captured via the getmetrics function.

  • Other Enhancements
    Changing a control's properties using %lzsctrl no longer automatically sets the position of the control.

    New function to return PC's environment variables.

    New function to return PC's Locale information.

    Images now also accept jpegs.

    Text file import now translates "newline" based on linefeed character rather than carriage return.

    Directory search dialog now provided within $$gffile function.

    Graphics routine (lgraph.exe) now shows as a tray icon rather than in the task bar.

    Report function provides upgraded formal reporting facilities as per LDW.


Version: 5.0
Release Date: 01/06/2009

  • GUI Builder
    Controls may now overlap.

    New drop down list of form controls provides alternative means of control selection.

    New Splitter control allows user to resize parts of a form.

    Form resizing changes and new Anchors property significantly improves form arrangement for individual users.

  • Extended Grid Features
    Individual grid column widths may now be captured and re-instated (upon form loading) to enable individual users to retain their style preferences.

    Grid Height change option now includes a value to retain original size (for use when included within a splitter control).

    Up to 10,000 columns may now be defined within a grid.

    Automatic case translation is now available for editable cells (defined via the "cparas" parameter).

    Grid column header cells may now operate as a button. Also a cell may have an associated image. These two enhancements provide a means of selecting a column for sorting and showing the sort direction (via the image).

  • Emulator Additions
    The emulator now also provides copy and paste facilities using Ctrl+Ins and Shft+Ins.

  • Combobox Drop Down Height
    The height property for comboboxes now specifies the max number of visible items within the list.


Version: 4.0
Release Date: 08/02/2008

  • Graphics Engine
    Horizontal bar-charts are now included.

    All charts (except pie charts) now have scrolling capability, which can be controlled by both the user (via scroll bars) and programmatically (via function call).

  • Reporting Facilities
    A new facility is provided for printing reports as defined within an XML file.

    The XML file supports multi-line text, graphics and table controls, enabling both tabular reports and individually designed page structures to be incorporated.

  • Command Line Execute
    A new facility is provided to launch a windows application with associated parameters and window opening mode.

    Examples of use include launching such as Word, Excel, Acrobat, web browers, etc. with the file to be displayed.

  • Menus
    Form menu bars can now contain up to 26 designer menus (previously 9).

    Each main menu can contain up to 99 menu entries and each of these can now have a sub-menu. Each sub-menu can also have up to 99 entries.


Version: 3.3
Release Date: 30/05/2006

  • Date/Time Picker
    This new control provides facilities to select a date or a time (type defined per control instance).

  • Tab Control
    This new control permits tabs to be defined. If it sits immediately above a re-sizeable control, the tab widths will re-size along with the re-sized control.

  • Sub-Menus
    Sub-menu items may now be included within both the form menus and popup menus.

  • Help Print
    The help form now provides a facility to print the displayed help.

  • Message Box
    This can now contain up to 10 lines of up to 80 characters per line.

  • Look-Up Forms
    These are now resizable by the user.

  • Message Line
    Application defined messages can now be aligned left (default), centre or right.

  • Picture Control
    This now has an alignment property to allow stretch and / or proportionality.

  • Editing Field Alignment
    During the editing process for Input and Grid controls, text alignment is now provided.

    For Input controls, this now permits left / right alignment of the contained data via a design-time property.

    For Grid controls, the cell retains it’s alignment as originally set for that column. It will also handle editing of cells which have highlighting set – the highlighting is removed during the editing process and will require the application to re-set the required highlighting after that cell had been edited.

  • BitButton Minimum Size
    This has been reduced to permit narrower bit buttons - enabling them to be used as menu buttons.

  • Pop-Up Menus on Click Events
    Applications may now invoke pop-up menus from normal click events.
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