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What's New

Version: 2.2
Release Date: 28/01/2013

  • Measurements
    All measurements may now be given in decimal fractions of a millimetre – e.g. 1.0125 millimetres. This applies to all positioning and line thickness values.

  • Text Controls
    These now may have multiple embedded font changes and CDATA sections as well as PCDATA. Text of the same font is presented as one or more sequential sub-nodes of the TextLine element (PCDATA or CDATA) and Font elements may occur at the appropriate position to indicate changes of font.
    Text wrapping has been upgraded to work directly with the printer drivers.
    BackGround colour attribute has been added
    Paragraph termination may now be expressed as either <CR><LF> or ASCII(127) characters within the TextLine data.

  • Table Controls
    These now have an optional Background colour attribute (defaults to White).
    Individual cells now have background Colour and FontStyle attributes.

  • Start-up/Shutdown Scripting
    LDW can now be started up and shutdown via scripts thus removing the need to manually handle such operations.


Version: 2.0
Release Date: 01/05/2010

  • DOM Implementation
    A Document Object Model has now been incorporated which will load the source XML file for processing.

  • Text Object Enhancements
    Texts may now contain multiple PCDATA and CDATA sections along with embedded Font elements to allow changes to the text's font within a wrapped text block.

    Colour definitions extended to also include web colour names and Hex representation.

  • Table Object Enhancements
    New Background colour property with individual cell override.

    Colour definitions extended to also include web colour names and Hex representation.
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