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Key Features

Streamed Document Production
Up to 1000 streams can be supported and with each stream identifying a source directory and target printer or results directory, all of your formal documents, letters etc. can be submitted to the Lastic Document Writer and the results automatically collated.

Source Structure
The initial element within the source (XML) file will define the overall report including: Page orientation, page margins, number of copies (for direct printer output) and password and permissions (for PDF output).

Page Structure
Each page within a report can have a different format and is defined independently. A report may thus have, for example, a title page and a series of pages with graphs and tables plus accompanying texts.

A page is made up of a series of components positioned in rectangles specified in millimetres within the overall page margins.

Component Definitions
Component types (including text, table and image) are defined as elements within the page element.

Text Component
Each text component contains definitions of:

  • Textual content
  • Font (face, size, style and colour)
  • Alignment (left, right or centred)
  • Line spacing
  • Optional background colour (RGB values)
  • Optional frame thickness, colour and margins

Table Component
Each table component contains definitions of:

  • Default font (face, size, style and colour)
  • Vertical / horizontal lines (between columns & rows)
  • Column width & alignment (left, right or centred)
  • Cell textual content
  • Cell framing & padding
  • Cell font overrides
  • Cell foreground & background colours

Image Component
The image component identifies an image file (Bitmap, Windows Metafile or Enhanced Metafile).

The image will be stretched to fit the specified rectangle.

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