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We only employ software engineers. No sales people. No account managers. No helpdesk personnel.

When you contact Lastic to discuss a project, you'll be speaking with the people who are (or will be) doing the work. The people who understand the complexities and subtleties of your project, the issues that have arisen in the past, and those that are likely to be encountered in the future.

We believe that giving clients direct access to our software engineers is essential. To ensure that all business and technical issues are fully explained and resolved. To ensure that critical information doesn't get lost or misinterpreted. To ensure that you get the answers you need, when you need them.

Our software engineers possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, gained over many years devising and delivering solutions to real-world business needs.

We bring much more to a project than just technical expertise. Where we really stand out is in our ability to quickly understand how your business works, where inefficiencies lie and where opportunities await.

We are passionate about using software to deliver real tangible benefits to our clients, enabling them to operate more efficiently and compete effectively.

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